A self titled blog created by a curious mind of a girl who decided to leave her pen and notebook behind, years ago. I'm Ellaine Rose Mijares, my friends call me Ellaine, never "Ella" that's why I just named it after this blog. I started this last 2013, (aside from being curious) for the main reason that I wanted to have an output for all the things I want to share. Which also I think that it's cute having a personal space online that I can look back when I get older. I never intended to make a living out of this blog when I started this, all I want is to share my story, life experiences and all. Pretty much all the random things that is happening in an average girl's life. Aspiring to inspire other girls, by sharing my life experiences and thoughts thru a blog post. Getting one or two comments is enough to make me feel happy and kilig, meaning there is someone reading my blog, also enough reason for me to continue sharing something here. Even if none, i will still be.

On a different note, I know you're wondering why you saw giveaway posts and onlineshop reviews here when I said I didn't made this to earn. It started, I think 2yrs ago, when I received a message from an online shop to host a giveaway for them. To be honest, never in my wildest dream that I'll be given the chance to work with a local online shop. I was like, why me? Given the fact that I used to post some of my #ootd pictures that time, I still wondered why. After hosting that, which led me to have a few blog followers. I got interested on how bloggers do their work. I started following different onlineshop's social media, local and international. Fortunately, I got the chance to work with some of them as time went by. I got freebies from onlineshop reviews and even earned a little from it, which I never imagine will happen. But I'm thankful for it because it helped me as a student.

Here is my piece of advice if you want to start a blog, Don't do it for freebies, fame and money because it will get you nowhere. Do it because you want it, and you're passionate about what you want to do. Getting freebies and earning from it will happen without you noticing and expecting it. You just have to be patient, do what you want to do, and the rest will follow.

I was a graduate of BS Information Technology from Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Santa Rosa Campus. Yes, I'm a proud Iskolar ng Bayan, a PUPian who continues to learn and explore in this wild world and dreaming of making it big someday.

Never stop dreaming, for it will help yourself be motivated to strive more in life. 



  1. Hi! This is Ana of anaazarcon.blogspot.com
    Your blog is so pretty and awesome. Hope you can also visit my blog and maybe, we can follow each other and exchange blog buttons!

    Thanks :)

    1. Thank YOU so much dear! I already visit your blog. And it's pretty, i like the #ootd pictures I guess, we have same type of style in some ways. Hope YOU continue blogging, it's really a happy lave for us fashion lover at heart! Regards dear! xx