Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Summer isn't over, is it? What is that one thing that we never forget to consider for summer? That you would work your ass off just to be sure you're ready to wear it. For all the beach babies, I know you know what I am talking about. Bikinis are so much to consider during summer. Of course who doesn't want to post their beach getaways on social media with their lovely bikinis on at the same time feeling sexy and free under the heat of the sun, right? One of the most loved bikinis now are black high neck bikinis, it is all over the online shops now. I personally love this type of bikini, given that it's black but also because the type of cut it has which perfectly suits my personality. I'm not much to show so much skin but still want to look and of course feel sexy on what I wear. I will personally share two of my favorite high neck bikinis from Zaful
This sporty high neck black bikini is my fave. Apart from it being so simple, it still has its own style that will really be a scene stealer at the beach. I like how sporty but still perfect for beach this high neck bikini top is. Plus, include the fact that you can also wear it as an inner wear like croptop for a day out. Talk about experimenting, right? :) Next one is,
You're so fine pineapple! Who doesn't want summer- y themed bikini, right? ;) This type of high neck bikini is second on my fave because when you don't want to be revealing on your front area, but still wants to flaunt that sexy back this one is for you. There are thousands of types of bikinis in the world, but high neck bikinis will never be out on my list. Especially that I am not the type of girl that wears revealing bikinis but still wants to look my own kind of sexy. I love how summery this bikini gets. 

Sharing with you some of the bikinis you can find on Zaful. I swear, you will love everything you will see. 
What I love about this bikini is its strap details. You can see that even the small details ,may it be on you outfit or bikini it can add up to the total look you want to achieve. Also, the color is one of the main thing now. I personally love this kind of color, muted ones. Not being over the top but will never leave you less stylish. I also love that the back strap accentuates more the part of your back that needs to be notice.
Palm leaves, who doesn't love palm leaves? I'm a sucker with anything palm, leaves or the tress itself. It speaks so much of summer for me. Aside from the print of this bikini, I love that this suits for girls that is not so given but will still look sexy when worn. It will not emphasize more of what is not needed to be seen because of the prints.
Off shoulder bikinis are also in the loop now for the hottest and latest trend. Flaunting your sexy shoulders and that collar bone never gets old. I also like that the stripe print is horizontal, which will add more to your height. And also, not to forget that detail that the strap is removable. You can really flaunt that sexy shoulders! :)
Last, but definitely not the least on my list is this classy black bikini. That peek a boo detail in front got my attention. I love small details on every bikini that will really make a big impact to your whole outfit. It brings out the sexiness without being too revealing. If you are a little bit conscious of showing too much, this is also a perfect bikini for you. 

Why choose when you can have all of these bikinis and more, right? Head on over to Zaful and look for that perfect black high neck bikini or that simple bikini you are eyeing on for months now. 

I hope I helped you decide on what bikinis to get and made you interested to shop. Zaful has an on going sale on their website, visit now and I hope you find that perfect bikini for you. Because everyday is summer, baby! *wink*

Happy hump day girls! 


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