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I don't know how many times I planned to draft a post for my Davao vacay last december. Am i that busy and unispired?. Lol Finally, I have the time to post this. Brace yourselves, this is going to be a long post. Haha
This Davao 2015 vacay is actually not planned unlike our 2014 trip. It was just a one night decision, when my tita asked us who wants to go to Davao for our Lola's birthday, my brother and I agreed immediately. Together with my two cousins we booked a flight to davao last december15-31. Parentals wasn't able to go since my ate can't come coz she has no leave for december already. so sad! O db? Hindi talaga planado. Haha
Touched down Davao! After unpacking and resting for a few hours. We can't let a vacay pass without going to the old airport, likod bahay lang namin eh. Sunset session with lois and bro (who took the pic) on our first day before heading out to the mall. mall agad kakarating lang haha
No parentals means we can have a night out, just us. Yay! This is a must visit hang out place when you're in davao city. "Some place else" is located at downtown, rizal. You can easily spot this since this is located on an area where there are also different resto bars. Love this place! So chill!
I recommend these; Shisha fries, spicy tuna pasta, and forgot the name of the one w fries. Also try, pork stroganoff, super sarap! 
The squad, (L-R) angelo, lois, kuya Aa, me and kuya Ivan.
Penong's davao for our lola Ina's birthday lunch. Yum! That's just half of what we ate. Also a reco when you're in davao.
I swear, more than shopping, our vacay was spent on pigging out almost everyday. Lol
Up up here we go go! 4days before we leave, we planned to go to samal beach. But due to unfortunate event, we can't got to samal island on our planned date. May ganap kasi, may gera daw. Katakot ah! 
So my tita decided to go up to Seagull Mountain Resort, in Davao-Bukidnon, where its cold, cold, cold. Brr! 
We're almost there. I can live with this view! Such a beaut! And super cold! But still bearable. 
This is the house where we were supposed to spend the night away incase we ran out of time going home. By the way, It's a 3hr roadtrip from davao city proper to buda road, davao bukidnon. But the long hour drive was worth it because of the views.
Buda road, davao-bukidnon boundary
We had a stop-over at Davao-Bukidnon boundary where there is this Philippine Eagle sculpture crafted by Cotabato-born, mindanaoan Kublai Millan.
Little souvenir shop for tourists. That's my cousin, lois, buying pasalubongs.
Three-hour car ride was worth it. Touch down bukidnon! Baguio feels! But first, picture, and checking of rooms. Unplanned that's why we don't have reservation.
These are some of the rooms that is available at the resort. These houses are accessible from the entrance of the resort and near the pool area, which means, much expensive, i don't know if these are the rooms that cost 5k for 24hrs. Grabe noh? But super worth it naman ang stay kahit one day lang, promise! :)
 I don't want to leave anymore! The long walks, stairs and 3hour long ride was really worth it! Can I just live here? I'm in awe bukidnon!
The view from the house that we rented. Pretty much looked like that house, but ours is elevated, with 6 beddings, 1 nice clean bathroom, good view and super cold weather. I ain't complaining! As far as my memory is concerned, we rented the house for 3,500 for 24hrs.
This is the way going down to the entrance and restaurant from the beautiful mountain view. We were advised to go down to have our lunch before taking a swim.
So chic resto, just outside the resort, beside the entrance gate, where the parking lot is also located. Food is good here, I love their tinola. They offer filipino cuisine, and its a must try. Forgot to take a picture, we always eat when we're really hungry, that's why no time for picture. Lol
After eating, we went straight to the entrance gate where we waited for the shuttle. It's the service for those who want to see the water falls. It's not advisable to walk, since it's far from the main resort. That stairs above is just one of the stairs that you need to surpass before you reach the beautiful water falls.
Tadah! The picture didn't do it justice. Much serene in person. And so relaxing!
Lower part of the falls, where tourists can also take a bath, and relax while watching the water fall. My bro on the picture, doing it for the insta! 
There are also pools in this area, i think there are 2 pools on the other side of this view. We didn't stay long here, we went back to the main resort as soon as the shuttle came back.
Time for a quick dip. A summer in friggin cold december. I don't know what degree the weather is, parang may yelo yung tubig sa sobrang lamig! Pero swimming parin syempre. Haha 
Shorts: vanilla breeze clothing
Our trip was cut short due to the bad weather, and because we were with our lola who can't stay longer than we could. Time to go home! Bukidnon, you've been awesome! ;)
Ended the day by pigging out on Yellow fin resto, then headed back home.
SnR pizza parlor is very accesible when you live in the city. We usually have pizza almost everytime that we're out. Told you, we know nothing but to eat. Hahaha i don't know how many box of SnR pizza we consumed during our stay.
Top: DNEmnl, Shoes: converse, shades: Choies
16 days of vacay has come to an end. Sad but we have to live davao again to welcome new year with the family. This is the only ootd I have from the entire trip. Airport outfit pa! Hahaha
Perks of having a flight in an airbus plane with few passengers, you can almost rome around the plane. Lol
So happy that we are going back again on december. Hopefully will be able to hit the beach. Let's pray for that, yes?

Hope you enjoyed my super late post! :D
You can ask me if you have any questions about davao, and what to visit when around the city. Just leave a comment below! Thanks!

Have a good day everyone! :)

photos taken using my sony xperia z3 compact


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