Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I know what you first thought when you saw the title, did you sing the song? "don't you stop the music, get into it, won't you dance with me?" Coz that's what I felt when I was in a sky high place in tags. Like i just want to lose it all there.
I was away from my blog for 7months and only now I did get to compose my thoughts and all. I really never visited my blog for 7month long but still got amaze on how my blog still got page views. Like really? Thank you to whoever stumbled upon my blog every once in a while. Brace yourself, this is going to be a long post. Haha

Have you ever felt the feeling of being swallowed by all of your thoughts? Like you never really know how will you make your life like what you dreamt of few months back before you finish college. Being dragged down by all the negative thoughts your mind keeps on thinking every single day of your life.
 I never suck at making life decisions. Only on those few weeks. Lol I keep on thinking and then re-thinking if I'm pressuring myself on how my life should be, even if I can just let things happen slowly and then let it all fall to its places.
I used to think that life is never going to be easy. When in fact, it is not as hard as we think it is. We're just making life more complicated on how we imagine our life will be on the next weeks, months and years.
Tho I used to imagine my life for the next years to come, until I get myself disappointed by losing someone important. I stopped. It's not bad to dream for your life for the next few years because that will help you motivate yourself to strive more in life, but I realised, why not also focus more on what is happening in the present, right? We don't want to miss these things, don't you?
Everytime I get a chance to stand in a place as serene as that on the picture. I can't thank God enough for giving me solitude. It is never easy to think things positively every day. But might as well try so hard, until the negative thoughts will hate itself for being negative and turn to positive. Lol
As the song of Oh wonder goes, "You gotta give yourself a moment, let your body be. We gotta lose it!"
Lose it all, don't mind all those negative thoughts that's been bugging you all night. Let your mind and body be. We only live once, savour it while you still have the chance to.
Shoes from converse, sunnies from choies

Oh, how I miss sharing my personal notes on this. Let me know what you think, did you learn a thing or two? :)

Hope you enjoyed and found some peace of mind by looking on some of my snaps of the beautiful skyline of tagaytay.

Have a good day everyone! :)

all photos are edited using vsco c8 preset with a little adjustments and taken using my sony xperia z3 compact (i only use my phone when taking photos)


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