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 What would you feel when you receive a message telling that you won a ticket to Nuvali's newest summer destination - Camp N?!
Well, my brother did receive a message last friday that he won 4tix for Camp N's public opening day on April 16, we were in shocked and got really excited at the same time. Woke up early on a saturday morning, prepared ourselves and went straight to Nuvali. Adventure time!
 Camp N is Nuvali's newest outdoor adventure and team-building facility. It will test your strengths, endurance, mind  abilities, courage and belief on ones self through obstacle courses and different challenges. It has a lot of different obstacle courses, and when I say a lot, I mean it! I hope the photos will do it justice. *wink*
When we arrived at Nuvali, we went straight to the terminal where we needed to wait for Camp N's free shuttle, we weren't the first group to arrive so we waited for more than an hour because there was only one shuttle for everyone. I know that Camp N offers their shuttle for free, so if you want to try, better go to Nuvali early so that you'll be included on the first batch to be fetch by the shuttle. The earlier the better, so you can fully maximize your time in the camp.
We arrived at camp N past 11am, we went straight to the registration area because we just can't contain our excitement, we want to start struggling ourselves through the obstacle courses. 
 After registration, we got our tickets for an all day adventure at Camp N (left picture). But, we noticed that there are people walking around wearing AXN shirt and we got curious about it so we asked the staffs and then we knew that there will be an event for AXN Ultimate Thrill 2016. We made ourselves line up to register because we know that is going to be exciting!
We finished filling up forms, have ourselves checked by the medical team and then we were given our own race kits. This is it!
 We waited outside the game area because we thought that the line up for the game is over. That they will just finish the remaining challengers in line. But then we're surprised when we asked that we can still try to win the 2min obstacle challenge and get a chance to win ourselves a trip to Boracay for 2 for the AXN Ultimate Thrill 2016 that will be happening on April 23 in Boracay. Top 20 pairs will be chosen and will still be competing to the next challenge, still in Camp N. 
First up, "the log hurdle", which is in the photo above, where you will need to cross that inclined log board then go straight to "the heap", not really much shown in the picture, but it is where you'll jump on a row of logs.
 Then go straight to the "wall run", where one should be crossing the wall side and the other one will need to climb the rope side.  Whoever finish first can try to survive the ...
"balance beam" , I failed thrice here, which pretty much consumed our remaining time, my partner Patx, a friend of mine, finished it on one try, but then we already consumed 2mins of our time when he finished, the last part is the "Monkey bars" , in short, wala na chance makapasok sa top20.  Ang hirap! Mukha lang madali. Haha
It is already lunch time when we finished the obstacle course, we went straight to the AXN photo wall, had our photos taken for remembrance, lol and then went straight to the tent to rest and grab some lunch to eat which is also free, part of the AXN kit that was given to us. Actually, wala kami ginastos dito, pamasahe lang papunta. Haha
Watched the Philippine All Star perform while waiting in line for our food. Galing nila, tho puro freestyle lang halos. Clap clap parin! 
After eating and resting for an hour, we let ourselves enjoy the rest of the place and roam around it. This are some of the obstacles that are in Camp N, sorry forgot to ask what are the names of each, didn't tried it also because it was too hot, I don't want to make a scene, and collapse. Instead, I just did a little photo op for IG. Lol di halata, pero sobrang init nung time na yan.
 Patx trying to survive the obstacle. Looks hard noh? That's why he failed. Lol
 Almost every corner has an obstacle courses that includes: basic, intermidiate, and advance. Didn't had the energy to roam around that part because of too much heat.
 There's a little maze in Camp N which is called the "Green Patches", and this 3-hectare view will welcome you when you survive the maze, which is not that hard, it only took us 5mins to finish it. Dali lang eh! Haha What a view, right? There is also a pond when you continue to walk around, nursery and demo organic farm. 
After trying the maze, we went on the other side of the camp, where the next level for the Top20 will be held. The first pair on the picture who will do the "aerial walk" challenge, having their harness done.
View of the aerial work from afar.
 Few pairs, trying their best to finish the "Aerial walk" to stand a chance to win the challenge. Trip to Bora din yun! Makakalaro ka na sa AXN, nasa bora ka pa. Haha
On the other side is where the archery is.
 Go kuyas! Finish the rope courses for a trip to Bora! Whoo! So hot, but you can do it!

We just went back to the tent and rest, eto na ang sad part, we weren't able to try the aerial walk, the archery, and all the other attractions, they closed it to make way for the AXN challenge. Tho they have pre-registration, for those who are willing to wait afor the AXN challenge to finish. If we didn't register to the AXN, walang chance na makatry ng obstacle kasi close lahat. Good thing we did, we got to try even just the basic one! Enjoy parin kahit super tirik ang araw. Haha
My favorite and much awaited attraction that I really really wanted to try but didn't have the chance too, because it was also closed. The "roller coaster zip line". 
 Same area as the roller coaster zip line is where the "rock climbing", "rappel wall" and "free fall" located. 
 There are other activities like biking and playing a large version of jenga. They also have camping site where you can pitch a tent at night, but still not open the time we're there.
Camp N, for me, if I'll judge it not by the unfortunate experience, is a two-thumbs up for me. They have nice facilities and very good environment. Even if we weren't able to try the other attractions, I still enjoyed my visit. This is a good recommendation for team buildings for just 1300pesos/head for the whole Camp N attraction. 
You can head on over to this link for the full details and rates of Camp N.
We also got to enjoy these sponsors: Smart, C2, Smirn off Mule and Fisherman's Friend.

Thank you Nuvali and AXN for the experience. Always been fascinated with obstacle challengesa and all, the camp did satisfy a part of it. :)
Hoping to be back again and experience the other attractions. 

Do you guys had fun with my post? I hope you do and got excited to try Camp N anytime soon. :)

All photos are taken using Sony Xperia Z3 compact

*this is not a sponsored post*

Have a great day ahead! :)


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