Tuesday, October 27, 2015


How can you relate the word "camouflage" to life? My friend, Patrick, said "blending in and keeping in trend". There are a lot of things came into my mind when I thought of drafting a post for this, and I did not even finish it because I can't focus to only one idea. 

The first thing that came into my mind is the word "hide". We all know that soldiers wear camouflage printed clothes so they can easily hide from their enemies, because they easily "blend in" to the color of the forest. Compare it to life, camouflage is like hiding your feelings, or your real you, especially in our world today where we want "in". When we're trying too hard to blend in a world that we're not born to fit in. And at the end of it, when you fail to blend in, you'll end up losing it all. Some use it so that they can easily adopt to the changes that is happening around them. It can really be helpful and harmful at the same time. Why try to blend in, when you can have a world where you need not to hide your true self, and just be who you no matter what the consequences are.
This shirt I'm wearing is very important to me because it's from my A, my boyfriend who died 3months ago. One of the main reason why I am so uninspired to blog. I actually have 5 unfinished drafts until now, because I easily get lazy when I try to write down everything I want to share. Some won't be posted coz it's too personal, and it might get me too emotional. :)
When I was in my elem and highschool years, I used to hate camou print. I used to call it "baduy" and thought of "what can i even pair to that print?". I know I'm not the only one, right? Haha But as the fashion trend changes, so as mine, I eventually learned to love the print, specialky the color. I'm currently thinking of changing and fill in my wardrobe with just dark shades of color, and one of it was the camouflage color. It is really so wasy to match with any other dark colored outfit. I might as well try to match it with bright outfit soon. Lol
Since I'm thinking of decluttering my wardrobe, and you might want to do the same. I tried to look online on where I can buy camouflage outfits to suit my personal style. And the first thing I visited is my ZALORA app, since I already have it on my phone.Get into this comeback trend with ZALORA's selection of camouflage fashion.They have a variety of styles to choose from. I'm also fund of looking on pinterest and tumblr for camou outfit ideas.
Camou shirt : boardwalk, White sneaks : ZALORA basics , sunnies : forever21 , watch: anne klein

Hope you enjoyed my new update!
Have a nice day everyone! :)

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