Saturday, June 6, 2015


Hi! I can't believe this is my first visit to my blog again, after 2months? Haha. It's been a hell summer for me, since I had my last major thesis class. And I'm so glad, I'm already over it. Thank God! Last units left, and I'm off to welcome a new chapter of my life.

 Oh geez, how I missed sharing my personal thoughts in this blog. And to be honest, I really forgot I have a blog. Really not active at all, maybe after school, I just don't know yet. For the mean time, to feed for the lack of posts for the past 2 months. Here's an outfit post that was already posted on my IG account, if you're a follower, then you already saw this. Haha follow me! @itsellamijares
Top: Eve's chic c/o zalora , shorts: Freego DIY , sunnies and mandals: thrifted

Thankyou for all those who visited this blog, who keeps on checking for new post (I don't know if there is or none) but nevertheless, thanks! Because, the last time I check I only got 11k pageviews, but now I got 20k paeviews. How was that possible? I can't even believe it could happen! Thanks guys! 

Will try to update this blog every week, I don't know. I'm just using my phone to take pictures, and to make this post. I really do hope I can update this, if time permits.

Maybe, sooner or later, once I already made up my mind what else I'm going to do once I finish school. I'll be back for good. I really thought, 50% of my life will be for blogging, but until now, I still don't know. *cries* lol

Have a happy weekend ladies!
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