Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Off we go to our next adventure...Eden Park! After having lunch at Penong's, we went straight here. It's like Davao's own Baguio. Though it's not really friggin' cold, but the weather is good when we arrived. Sun's shining brightly, all is set to have fun fun fun.
We just end up a little bit sweaty 'coz of all the long walks up hill and down hill, but it's all worth it. Where's the fun when you'll not going to experience everything right? Unfortunately, not everything. Every corner is picturesque! I just only chose the pictures that really got me into that separation anxiety after scanning all the pictures i have. Hope you enjoy! :)
But first, let us take a selfie! :p haha Meet Lois and Kuya Aa :) using fisheye lense from romwe.
Still on a high with this sea of flowers! 
All the sweat and longs walks paid off when we reach this rainbow place.
  We just can't contain our happiness when we're together! :) ughh!! Sepanx it is! :(
Eden park has it's recreational activities too, like the one in the picture. Unfortunately, we didn't get the chance to try the zip line, cable bicycle, rappelling, etc. because of their cut off, they've reached their maximum pax for those adventures before the cut off time, so when you plan to visit here, better register early. :)
It's really true that when you're in an adventure with the people you love to be with, you just chose to savor that moment that you forget the things you need to do, like taking so much pictures of the place. haha You have to experience it for yourself! I've never been into a great separation anxiety until I had this Christmas vacation with my mom's side of the family, and I love the feeling of from time to time when I remember this, sepanx kicks in, and it feels sad and happy at the same time. All good things must come an end, so make the best out of it when you still have the chance.  :) 
What a great way to cap off the entire day trip with this breathtaking view. So much feels! This was in Jack's Rigde, such beautiful place. Perfect for those who wants to have senti moments or for those couples who want to have romantic dates! There's a number of restaurants to choose from. A go-to place! 
I just love the view! This is the only picture I had with the food, just not half of what we ate. Didn't got the chance to take a picture tho, because we're all hungry. haha :p
Top and Shorts: Penshoppe, Sunnies and Cardigan: Forever21, Bag: ShopGeorgine, White Shoes: Zalora, Watch: Anne Klein

Hope you enjoy my davao travel diary. I know this won't be the last. More more adventures for this year! :)
 Thanks for dropping by! Have a happy day, everyone!



  1. Hi love your adventure! Why don't you go next to Cebu city! I am also going there and is really helpful if you'e looking for budget hotels! :D Hope I will see you there!

    1. Aww :) thanks for reading and visiting my blog. Really appreciate it! Hoping to visit cebu soon. Thanks for the reco! :)