Tuesday, October 14, 2014


While I'm still free from school works, I thought of sharing some sartorial thoughts with you today. This will be my first time to give insights on "how to's" about dressing up, (so please don't judge. haha). I will just be sharing my thoughts and opinions on how I think one can achieve a slimmer silhouette using different garments. I will also share where you can find, affordable but quality-wise shape wear that you can use. I never thought starting this kind of post section in my blog would be so interesting for me. Guess I will be doing this again anytime soon. 

A lot of girls want to have that superb slim silhouette, even those plus size women, they really find ways on how they can achieve having that slimmer silhouettes or just to have a little bit of that sexy supermodel curve. I will share two steps on how to, so let's begin!

1) "Bodycon Dress" - this one really never fails to give a little bit of curve to those who wants to achieve a little bit of something. Specially those bodycon dresses that has an illusion of giving you a pear shaped body (see picture below). It really adds that curve you want to achieve. I suggest that if you're a plus size, and if you're not comfortable wearing bodycon dresses with cutout details, you just stick to wearing bodycon dresses that has details which gives illusion to curves. But if you want to show some skin and confident enough, go with a dress with a little bit of cutout detail, specially a cut in the back detail, it gives so much sexiness to the outfit, also wearing black or bold colors. Of course not only to the plus size women, petite girls or if you're a girl having the normal curve and wants to achieve much slimmer silhouette, you can also try this.

2. "Shape wear/Corsets" - I think this is the traditional way most of the girls use to achieve that slimmer figure. I remembered what my mom called that shape wear, the girdle, am I right? Yes, that's what they use way back, but I guess it's still being use nowadays, but due to generation progress, there are a lot other shape wear that we can use. Like that panty girdle in the picture, it is very important for girls to wear the right undergarment because it give wonders to your clothes while giving you that slimmer figure at the same time. It's  like hitting two birds with one stone, right? :) I find this convenient to wear too, if you're not used in wearing bodycon dress and just want a top and skirt combo but still want to achieve that slimmer silhouette, you can use this shapewears instead.

I want to share with you an online shop I discovered that has a wide range of shapewear to choose from.  The four shapewears in the picture can be found in www.zalora.com . I think you gals are familiar with the online shop, right? (Just check out the links, and you're good to go shopping!) If you don't want to stress yourself out looking for a good and quality shape wears, go check out zalora's collection and have fun shopping! :)

Hope my sartorial thoughts helped! Specially now that it's ber months, more occasions are coming, so better get that slimmer figure ready and try either one of the two advices I gave. 

Have a great day ahead! 


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