Tuesday, September 16, 2014


"Fashion fades, Style is eternal"
I always love to style anything and everything, I love to transform something into a simple yet somehow classy. I love dressing up other girls as much as I love dressing up myself too. I guess it just really run in my blood to really love it.
And now, I want to share something that is really one for the books for me. It's just now that I got to remember to somehow blog my first ever styling sesh, though I've done a few for kids, but this one needs to be here in my blog. My first ever to do hair and make up and a little bit of styling, for a photo shoot for our University's MR.and MS. PUP, this was 7 months ago, month of February for our foundation week. I was quite satisfied with the outcome because I'm just a frustrated make-up artist. lol I didn't put a lot of make up because I want it to be simple because that's what suits Desiree's face. I just leave it at minimal level, since she's just also a teen-y fresh face. They are our course (BSIT) representative for the pageant. At first, I was hesitant because in doing the make-up, because this one will be for a competition, and I'm not a pro but still I took the challenge, and that was the result. Sometimes, it's okay to try some firsts to be able to know what you can do and make a better you the next time you'll do it again :)

Leave a comment, let me know what you think. :)
Will share more styling sesh soon! 

Model: Desiree De Guzman and Ryan Makiling 
HMU and Styling for Desiree: Ella Mijares

 Photos by Mark Hao


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