Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Born Pretty Store is a store that caters on selling the best quality products for nail arts services. But aside from having all the things that you need in making your nails don in the beautiful way, they also sell other things that every girls need in their life now which I will share to you my top picks in some of the other things they sell, and give my little thoughts about it that I want to share before you visit their whole shop. 
All right, First things first, their nail art tools, decors, and nail polishes. They have a really wide variety of nail arts. I swear! I also got shocked when I first visited their shop. You'll really get crazy when you start shopping and picking what's best to use for your nails because all of it was awesome. They have wide selection of nail polish, nail rhinestones, nail decors, nail brush, nail tips, nail tools, and many more. And the picture above only shows a preview of what they have to offer.
 Left to right. (1) The nail art brush set - who doesn't want to have these brushes, right? They will contribute a lot of help in doing the artsy thing in our nails. (2) I just love the effect of the mate nail polish. (3) Plus, you can get to choose different colors of nail polish, and I love this one, pastels. (4) Who doesn't want to achieve that gradient nail art? I doubt anyone will disagree with me. This nail art is to die for! 
They have the best jewelries. I want them all, promise! But those three above caught my attention. Though, I really had a hard time choosing because of the wide selection.
Left to right. (1) Nothing beats my love for pearls, and this one's my favorite, aside from being classy because of the pearl, it's also had that edgy vibe because of the five small silver stones behind it. Such a steal! (2) Infinity necklace! I've been looking for this for such a long time and they have it! (3) Those rings! I personally want them all.
I told you, they have varieties of section to choose from. They also had hair decors to beautify your hair, make up like tools, lipsticks, falsies, etc., Wide selection of bag, and clothes.
Left  to right. (1) I want to try different hair colors, I just want to know which one suits me, and this hair colored chalks is a must have, I want to give it a try. (2) Aside from loving fashion, I think I'm beginning to be a make up junkie, lol. I'm planning to buy a make up brush set like that one in born pretty. (3) Bag. Who doesn't need a bag? I like this one because it's comfortabl to bring because you don't need to bring additional bag, it'll all fit in that bag, and that's what I want. We don't need hassle in our life. (4) Lastly, the little white dress every girl needs in their wardrobe. Such a classy piece!

That's it! Hope you enjoy my pre-review about born pretty store! :)
If you want to view and shop more of what they have, you can visit them HERE. 

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Hope you had a good day ladies! :)


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