Saturday, May 24, 2014


It's been a while again since my last post here, blog hiatus again? And again? Haha. Btw, summer is nearing to end for me. In two weeks, school will start again, and I can't hardly believe how early our school will start class.
It's always after Independence Day but now it's before, but it's okay, early for me to save up for something I look forward to for august or September. It's always a good thing to do new things with the people you're happy being around with. So, I'm hoping, what's everything I have planned in mind will push through when we reach that month. *fingerscrossed* (Aww, how I miss sharing my thoughts here :) )
Anyhow, how's your summer? Did you have fun or you're just like me, a home girl, just have time to go out to meet friends or to have quality time with the main man. Are you? Haha it's not my best summer yet, but fortunately it's not the worst because I already had my worst summer way back years ago, when I had chicken pox with many s. Haha :D

Striped skirt ROMWE , Brown spike loafers DRESSALE

I just want to share few songs I'm listening to this summer, hence the title, it's my summer songs. It will really get you by through this season, though the heat is really scorching hot! We can't do anything about that, but just listen to our favorite songs just like what I did. So here area few of it.

1. Everything is sound by Jason Mraz - this song really never fail to give me such feels. Will always be my favorite! 

2La la la by Naughty Boy - funny how how I really got LSS by this song. 

3. All you wanted by Michelle Branch - I really missed this song. I remember those times when I used to sing this and even memorized the lyrics. Yep, that's how I love this song. 

4. Living in the moment by Jason Mraz - just as what the title says :)

5. All of me by John Legend - I know all of you love this song, if you haven't listen to it, you better listen to it now! Hehe no explanations needed. 

6. Bitchin' summer by Avril Lavigne - love this song! Love Avril Lavigne! Definitely one for summer song, literally summer! :) 

I'm not into something really lively songs when it comes to summer songs which commonly means happy songs or lively once because that's what summer is for. I prefer songs which preferably give me such feels that it makes me want to listen to it again and again. Like those six songs listed above. I love how I'm the kind of girl now who doesn't stick to songs that's 'in' now. Maybe because I used to stick now to songs which suites my everyday mood. I love the message of these six songs. Try to listen to it again,because I know you know it too. And share to me how it made you feel after listening to it. 

Happy weekend everyone!


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