Saturday, March 22, 2014


After a month hiatus from blogging, I'm back from Paris with love, hence the title. haha Ok.It's a joke! I've never been in paris, maybe in my dreams, and so do I really wish to go and be in that place anytime soon. Can someone give me an aladin's lamp? So I can make a wish right at this very moment? haha There's a funny little story behind that title and I'll tell you a bit of it as we go on. 

How I miss blogging and sharing unrelated stuff about my outfit but so much more related to my life and to what I'm feeling right now. There's so much more I want to share and express but since I want my future post to be more of a quality post, I just save all of my thoughts and make it more worthy when you read it on my next. haha Of course I want someone be happy and a little bit inspired after reading my post. Who wouldn't want that right?
I love how my top and skirt match like they were really meant to be together. Thanks to my mom, for making that skirt for me (if you want one like that, just email me and my mom can make one for you in very affordable price. endorser? haha) I'm into dark sophisticated colors right now, that's why I chose that kind of color for my skirt and I love how it turned out to be. It's so easy as pie to dress something like this. Perfect for school (not in our school though. haha) , for meetings, running errands and the like. What do you think? :)
So here goes the funny little story behind my title, (what was I thinking? Am i really going to share this story? haha) Since I already said it, ok, here it goes. Can you see that tall electric post on the above picture? Isn't it and the Eiffel tower look in Paris, France somehow the same? (please agree to me! haha) That's it! We called it our Eiffel tower here in the Philippines from the first time we saw it and since I was wearing something Valentine's related outfit, and Paris is known as the city of Looooove. Patrick, my friend, the man behind this awesome photos of mine, taught of that "From Paris with Love" title. 
 Lips Top and Round UV Sunnies: ROMWE , Black Pumps: Mart of China

Photos by: Patrick Rillera
Visit his blog HERE

Happy weekend everyone! :)


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