Saturday, February 8, 2014

#ChoosetoShine WITH PANTENE

 I've been longing to have my hair permed since 2012 but I always have second thoughts if I should or not because of my subconscious telling me that I might regret it. I love my hair so much that I won’t let it be damaged to the extreme level. Hair, for us girls is one of the important things that make us feel confident and beautiful. If you don’t have the hair that you want, you will not feel extra special and shining beautifully, but if you have it every day, you’ll feel that extra effect of confident and shine it has on you.
And last year, November to be exact I already gave up of thinking twice and have my hair permed, not digitally permed though., I swear! Though I felt happy because I got to try new look for my hair, which is a curly hair. But as time passes by, I got the feeling of irritation and half regretting that I should’ve not permed it because I noticed that it gets drier as days pass by. 
Until, Belle de Jour sent me a sample of Pantene products, A Total Damage Care conditioner and an All Day Smooth Miracle Water. At first I was hesitant to use it, but my subconscious told me that I should give it a try. I made a schedule of using the Conditioner every other day. M-W-F-Sun using it without shampoo an T-TH-Sat using it with shampoo, comes with using the Miracle water after every bath every day. As I am on the process of using and observing it, I already had some observations, but I still keep on observing until I had the satisfaction I want, and here's what I got; a good and positive observation that I should really have to share it with you girls. I was relieved because after being annoyed with my hair for the past few weeks (before I receive this pantene product set) my hair was no longer dry, it was now Healthy instead. It stayed soft and smooth the whole day and then  another day when I started using the two products. I don’t have to worry how it will look like because the curls stay just as what I want to be. It gave me and still giving me that extra confidence a girl should always have. With my hair so healthy it Shines! It makes me feel extra confident and youthful glowing specially when out with mr.sunlight, I don't have to worry because I know something's protecting my hair, because I #ChoosetoShine with Pantene everyday. 

Thank you so much for these sample set Belle de Jour!
I'm one of those happiest bella because of this! :)

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Happy weekend! 


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