Thursday, December 26, 2013


Christmas day is over, and now we're counting the days til 2013 will be over too. It's funny how we don't notice time flies so fast and we're totally preoccupied with the things that we thought matters more than the things that should really do. We'll just be shocked when we already think things over, that those little things in life we're totally forgotten because of the big things that somehow matters more than the little things.
I attended a mass last Christmas eve, and made a realization about how Fr.Thor said about the homily of the mass. There are things that we didn't notice the importance of it because we're too busy looking for the things that we need and we think will make us happy in our life. I admit that I almost forgot all those simple and little things in life, and only Fr.Thor made me realize about it. 
Let me share few things that Fr.Thor said in the homily last Christmas eve mass.
1. We we're born in a nice hospital with a nice bed to sleep unto, with all the people who cares and loves you surrounds you. While we didn't even thought of our Lord Jesus Christ who was born on Betlehem in a manger with only animals looking at him. This very important things was the first things that Fr.Thor told us. Why not be thankful right? Because even though Jesus was born in a manger he didn't even complain about it. 
2. Physical things. Admit it, we really are conscious on how we look or appear to other people. We want the best look for our self though it's not bad but sometimes people over think that when they didn't get the best look they want, or didn't even look best to other, they complain and say bad things to them selves and to other. Why not be thankful? God made us who we are because he has a good plan set for us, that only time can tell when and where that best thing will happen. 
 3. Little things in life that we forgot we have because of the bigger things, mostly material that got mostly of our attentions. We should learn to think things over the past 11 months of the year that He had given us. Think of the things that really made us happy even without those material things we got.
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I was really relieved of what I came to realize after Fr.Thor's homily. I'm thankful for all the blessings, big or small, that He had given us for the past 11 months. For giving me the best family, friends and loved one. I can't thank Him enough, but hope my prayers will be enough for now. 

Did it made you realize something too? Hope it helped. We should always be thankful with all the things we receive. Especially the small things, that I think, matters more :)


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