Tuesday, November 5, 2013


 A new outfit post, yay for me! Its been months since I last posted an outfit post and I don't know why. But for one main reason, I've been really busy in school, you know! Failing grades is a BIG NO for me! #PerksOfBeingAnIrregularStudent boohoo! Still have issues with that , but I don't wanna think about it because I'm having a hard time taking negative things now. It makes me feel down or depress for a worse scenario. Anyhoo, I just really want to be happy and let things go as they please. We don't want to be bombarded with negative thoughts and problems, right? Life is too short to live with bad thoughts :) Let's talk about my oh-oh-tee-dee now.
I feel like I'm a pants/pumps model here. Agree? haha Feeling so subtly sexy! :)
Pants is really a wardrobe staple, an essential for us. It gives this youthful vibe that whatever we wear with it, it just gives us the perfect look we want to achieve. Just like what I'm wearing here, a crop top, (which I'm currently loving now, lakas maka-sexy! :) ) plus the pants and the sky high heels. I already achieved the chic look that I want. Imagine the plus factor that the sky high heels gave to my outfit. I look taller and sexier. haha You really can't go wrong with this combination :) Like what I've said , I felt like I was modeling for a pants clothing line, and for the pumps also (which was actually some kinda like that. haha)
 NERD top : Sugarrita , Pants : Freego , Black pumps : Mart of China 

Speaking of that black pumps, I just received it last week which really made my day. It's from marofchina.com , it comes with a really good packaging. It didn't harm the product itself. It really has a good quality, though it doesn't really fit, because I'm size 7 and the size I emailed to them is size 6, my bad! Because I have this case that sometimes, my size especially in high heels becomes size 6, that's why. But no regrets, because I can still wear it, just a little bit hurtful. All in all, two thumbs up for my new baby! :) Thank you so much MartofChina for this! :)

Coupon Deals from Mart of China :
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Enjoy the coupon deals girls! :)

xo, ella


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