Monday, September 16, 2013


Monday, a day that everyone hates, because this is the day where everything will start again, back to school from a happy weekend, and also from work and ther related duties, but for me, this is still a day to rest, because I have no classes, and I don't have any scheduled errand for now, I don't even have a sched to meet the man of my life :( Our schedule hates us, when I'm free, he's not, when he is, I'm not. See that? Haaaay! Ganyan talaga ang buhay. Haha Sorry, but this monday is the day for me to say random things without even have to control what I'm really saying. (random nga I just really want to say it all out, you know, it's having the freedom to be you, in person, in blogosphere, in universe and whatsoever part of the world. But hey, enough for the "randomness" :) let me share you few things of the blessings I got this september.
Look who's vain! Look who's a make up junkee! Who is it? Me? Nooo! Lol. I guess I'm going to be one, in no time. Haha I actually really want to try out these things, doing make up, I know the basics, but learning it more makes it more interesting for me. Maybe soon, I'll try. i just can't experiment now, coz I have a sensitive skin which tends to react so fast with different cosmetics and I tend to have pimples in a snap. Boohoo! :( soon! Soon! I love to have more reviews here. But heyhey! I'm still open for any product feature/review. I'm very open with it! :)
A very beautiful gift for my birthday! Juicy Couture bag! Yey! I'm such a happy kiddo when I saw that this bag is for me. Haha you know how I love bags too, next to shoes of course :) but I really love this! I don't know why, but I do. :)

A floal wallet and my second wallet is my RCBC ATM card. Yes, I just officially opened a savings bank account before the typhoon maring, for my savings of course. Haha it just came into my mind that I really have to save money for future use. I don't usually get a lot of money everyday, but saving up is really a must now. We don't know when will money problems will hit us, so better be ready :)

COLOR DESIGN eye shaddow, ESTEE LAUDER sumptuous mascara (white), Elizabeth Arden mascara (black), NYX eyeshadow base, MAYBELINE eyestudio, Beauty Rush wet/dry shadow, JUICY COUTURE bag, KIMCHI BLUE floral wallet all from US. Thanks to Ate May for sending all these, and for the supah chocolatah sweets! :)

Hope your having a good day despite the rainy weather! Stay safe amd dry everyone! :)

xx, ella

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