Sunday, September 22, 2013


Rainy weather is where you just want to lay on bed and sleep, but for me, it's time for some blog post and blog catch up since I haven't post anything worthy yet. Maybe searching or finding nice online shops became a hobby of mine now. Here I am again, introducing another online shop which differs from the previous shops I posted. Because this online shops, sells quality wise wedding dresses, the is an online fashion clothing store providing a wide range of high quality customer-made wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, special occasion dresses, shoes and other women clothing. All kinds of styles are for your need. The point is that the price is very reasonable. They are making the discount now. For more details you can come to their website, just click the banner above and you'll be redirected to their site. Below are some items that I love very much from their website.

Of course, first on my list would be shoes, so when I caught the shoe section in their site I clicked it without thinking twice. And the three pretty shoes above caught my attention. First, the combination of neon and black color, isn't it beautiful? Once I saw it, I actually really want to have one like that, but I can't for now :( I just love looking at it. Second, who doesn't want to have a black platforms with sky high heels. I can't say No to this, they're just a shoe closet staple, and last nut not the least, the blue t-strap heels. I love t-strap heels because they will just complement your look even just wearing jeans, so effortlessly, it will look good together. Honestly, I felt like I'm online shopping while picking my top picks in , but I'm still happy even if looking at those petty shoes I'm dying to have :)

And my pick for their specialty, wedding dress. This wedding dress is like my wedding dress inspiration. I love how I find this wedding dress which really suites my taste. The part of the dress being a ball gown, really catches my attention, I love my wedding dress to be like that, It will only differ on the top part which is I want it to be all lace-y. I keep my imagination from imagining wedding dress inspirations since it will be too long before that special day of mine happens. Hoping will still be in the business when my special day come, and I need an online shop to look for dresses, not thinking of having a personal designer to make mt wedding dress, maybe that would be too much? lol But thinking of it too early is a no no for me! haha just love looking at those wedding dresses on :)

Hope you enjoy my little intro and top picks at Go visit them and see it for yourself. You'll love it too for sure! :)

We're having a bad weather now. Stay safe and dry everyone! :)

xx, ella

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