Sunday, September 15, 2013


Due to lack of sponsors for giveaways, (i'm feeling so sorry for that) here's another review of another new found online shop. CLOTHINGLOVES.COM Hope you're enjoying every post/reviews I'm posting here. So let me begin it with an introduction. is your one stop source for first-quality products at rock-bottom prices. It is a leading supplier of Wedding Dresses, Special Occasion Dresses, Women’s Clothing, Men's Clothing, Intimate Lingerie etc. Customers choose because of their fast delivery, professional service and quality products.

In addition to their primary offerings, their inventory also includes Holiday Specials, Bedding and Lounge, Fashion Shoes and Wigs.

They have this Top 7 Reasons to Shop at

1. A Wide Selection of Quality Products
2. Always Low Prices
3. Knowledgeable Product Support
4. Fast Shipping / Professional Packaging
5. Friendly Customer Service
6. Respect For Your Privacy
7. 7 Days Return / Exchange Policy

I knew those 7 reasons are also the reasons of online shoppers who never let go of those online shops that they love, and being able to find will also make you reason out those reasons again. Right? You can go visit their shop and see it for yourself. They have a wide selection of products to choose from.

Here's another review of their jewelries, yes, jewelries again, I so love 'em! :) sharing you few pictures of my top picks.

As you can see, all of the jewelries here are not so colorful unlike those jewelries in my last review, because I chose to look for classic pieces, which kinda suits my mood now. I seldom wear classic ear rings, but the first one above is such a piece for a very special occassion one should/must wear.
For the two necklace, the gold tiger necklace, is the neckpiece I've been longing to have, I don't know why but I think when I wear it, it will make such statement in my #ootd, same as the second necklace, but I like the tiger more :)
Next, the layered bracelets, the only one with colors, still can't live without picking colorful piece, but still has a touch of classiness because of the touch of gold. For the second bracelet, the thing that catch me here is the pearls and the Eiffel tower, yes! The Eiffel tower, hehe! Yeah! I know it's just a small thing but that small thing really matters to me, a lot! You know, I really love to see a symbol of a place that I would love to go someday, hence the last picture. Haha The PARIS ring, emphasizing the Eiffel Tower. Lol

So that's it, hope you enjoy my review! :) You should visit and go see it for yourself :)

Stay safe and dry! We're having a rainy weather again now.

xx, ella

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