Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Imagine those times when all you have to do is play hide and seek, eat without worrying of getting fat, going to school, stalk about your crushes, laugh all day with your friends, getting in love, and many many more. Those are the things I enjoy doing in my teen age years. Things that made me happy and thaught me some lessons. Things that I cherish, and remember every now and then. (i'm talking like i'm such an old lady here. Lol) They say teen age life isbthe happiest stage of life because it is where you will experience all the new things for you, and I agree to that. Its just hard to let go of the things that once made me happy, but as the saying implies, there's a reason for everything. Why we need to leave certain things and face new ones.
And this time, is the time where I need to savor,( not the days where we had no classes because of typhoon maring), but savor the days left for me, being a teenager. How time flies so fast! I'll be leaving my teenage life in no time.( do i sound like it's like a big deal for me? Haha ) Although I find it better, because I'll be facing another year of my life facing more challenges, but sad at the same time because I'm leaving my happy and adveturous stage of life ( can I just be a teen for one or two more years? Hehe :( )#feelingOld
Posing like a teen-ager for the last time maybe. Haha :D I just love how this dress perfectly fit my body. I'm feeling like a princess :")

The good ella and the bad ella. Which one you like best? Lol. A must do for teen agers. Haha
Once again, posing and savoring the days, because on the 23rd of september I'll be leaving my teen age life and will be facing another stage of my life as a not-so-full-grown-lady. Lol :)

Dress: gift from my tita , Flats: SM shoes and Bags (SOLEmate)

xx, ella

PS: sorry for the simple post, i'm just using iPad for posting this. Our laptop's charger is broken which really makes me sad, because it's not easy to blog here, thank goodness there's an app available. But still hoping that you liked it! :) xx

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