Saturday, August 10, 2013


Have you experienced having a minor subject that becomes "pa-major" in a snap because of oh-so-many-requirements to be passed for the said subject. Talking 'bout college life, and for those who have experienced it then I bet you'll understand all my rants here. (forgive me, just a lil bit) We went earlier morning in Rizal park to hunt for tourists who visits Rizal park, then we need to interview them for our documentation that dues 2 weeks from now. Like heck, it's not easy to ask a tourist for an interview. For the fact that it's not a major subject but it's getting and seems to be one. There's more than this that our professor wants from us, forgive me for my rants, I just really wanna, you know! Let out what I'm feeling now. Anyhoo, lez go to my oh-oh-tee-dee that made me happy that day. lol :D
Dressing up is one of my favorite thing when I have appointments like going out for a date, having fun with friends, running errands, doing school works and the like (even if it makes me panic when I really can't decide what to wear) I enhance my skills in experimenting, though I'm still not going out of my comfort dressing yet. I should try more I  guess. haha That wasn't really my planned #ootd, but because the clothes that I suppose to wear earlier was hit by my sister's ninja moves and happen to be borrowed and it's in her dorm. Luckily, my brain real did function well that morning, and think of another #ootd in just a minute :) 
Top: Bobson, Lace Shorts: Fashion Market!Market! Flats: SM shoes and bags (SOLEmate) Lips Straw Bag and Round UV sunnies: ROMWE
 Tiring yet fun day spent with this friend of mine, again, meet Nelie! :) My ever so supportive friend! Of course, It's not only the two of us who went hunting tourists in Rizal park, (if you see it, you'll shit brix!) lol The #photobomber of the day! My friend dannah! haha We're with out other classmates/friends also. I won't say sorry for having different views of outfit photos because I really scanned all my photos and choose different photos from each place I have photos taken. Great to have a supportive friend like Nelie Anne who will be your photographer for outfit photos in any angle and place you want! :) 

Hope you had a great Friday and even greater Saturday everyone! :)



  1. Hi Ella! :)
    Those sandals are cute! And yeah, minor subjects are the real major ones hahaha!
    Smize with Style

    1. Hi Queenly! Thanks! You can have that flats too, so affordable in soulmate :)

  2. Hey! I saw my name! Hahahaha I'm just.. ah.. KILIG :">