Friday, July 26, 2013

STYLE THOUGHTS: B&W (martofchina picks)

Today would be my stress-free school day, I had one class earlier which I thoughts of not attending 'coz it's really a boring one. haha But the good student part of me still attended the class, I guess 50% of it I listened and the rest 50% I doodled. haha :D Boredom sucks you know! 
Anyway, enough of the lazy-student-rant, since I have all the free time today, before I head out later with my siblings, I think of matching styles (which I really like to do today) that I had in mind since last night. A black and white outfit, and since is my favorite online shop now, I prefer looking pieces in their shop that would really fit my Black-and-White-outfit-style-mood. And the photo above is what I came up into.
I chose the white lace blouse to fill in the dainty mood I want in my outfit, since white really stands for that. The shorts! Oh my my! Once I saw that short, I didn't mind looking at the other items. It really suites my style thoughts for this outfit. The black bag plus the gold chain is bonus for me, any outfit specially with touch of black when paired with something or a bit of Gold will always look classy, and that's what I want. You know! Girls should always be fab and classy always :) The riveted pumps, yes! I just can't get out my sight of that shoes, I really love it! I.Want.It! :) Classiness with a little bit o edginess at the bottom is a fab outfit for me! yay! and pair it with a little bit of pearl bracelet to match the lace blouse I chose. 

Aahhh! Wishing I could have all those items! :)

Here's the links of the items I picked in
Take a look at it for yourself. They're really a steal! :)

Hope you liked my style thoughts for today! 
Guess I'll be doing this kind of series here again anytime soon! 
Have a great day ahead of you!:)


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