Saturday, July 27, 2013


 A day spent with your siblings is a day well spent! :) Yesterday, is the day where me, my ate and brother angelo spent another day together. We went out for a little piggy stuff time, and bond, we rarely do this specially now that my sister is not staying with us because she's busy reviewing for her board exam that will be happening anytime soon. So yesterday night is a fun fun fun with them! :)
We ate at Sbarro, a chain of pizza restaurants that specializes in New York style pizzas, and other Italian-American cuisine. I rarely eat in this kind of restaurant but I didn't regret trying 'coz of my sister and Angelo who loves this restaurant. And I'm happy it never failed my sensitive taste buds :)
Hawaiian Pizza, is what I ate there. Two thumbs up. The fact that it made me full, it also taste really good!
 Can't remember the name of this pizza, but this was what Angelo ate. Didn't try it but Angelo said it's good. It's actually thicker than my pizza which made him piggier than me :)
Baked Ziti, what my sister ate. This really taste good! nomnom! :) two thumbs up Sbarro! 
That's what you get when you forced your brother to smile while he was eating. lol :D He actually celebrated his 14th birthday last july 25th and this is a post birthday celebration of us three, Ate's treat for our baby boy( which is now a grown up boy) I miss those days when I used to hug and kiss him anytime I want. He doesn't like me doing that to him now (binata na kasi ang bunso namin) Sad ate. lol Isn't he the cutest? huggable pa! :)

Btw, here's what I wore that day. Not satisfied with the pictures 'coz we wasn't able to take pictures when Mr'Sun is not setting yet. The fact that we also went out late, plus it also rained, that's why! But still for the sake of outfit photos I really make kulit Angelo to take pictures of me in different places and time. You know, 'coz there's a lot of people walking anywhere. Haha :D Those stares that will make you stop and never mind taking #ootd haha!
 Do I look short here? I do, right? huhu :( Anyhoo, I decided to go for all comfort outfit. Since it was bonding time I don't wanna get uncomfy with what I'm wearing :)
I can't remember the last time I wore this pants. I guess, it's 2 yrs ago. It get stocked in my closet ever since I last wore it. And it's just yesterday again that I thought of wearing it since I want all that comfort. Plus, I'm wearing the boyfriend shirt, why not also wear boyfriend pants? Love the ripped off effect on it!
Pants: Next Jeans (old), Flats: SM shoes and Bags (SOLEmate), Bag: MANGO

Have a happy Saturday everyone! :)


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