Thursday, July 4, 2013


And it's up! :) I remember back when I was in my high school years, wearing skirts and dresses is a big NO for me! Dress sometimes got me saying Yes but skirts no! I don't know but I'm not the super girl girl way back then. (I'm reminiscing as if I'm such an old lady. lol) I just wear dresses when needed and when I want the dress itself. Time flies and things we like changes, and part of mine is loving dresses and skirts. Yes! I love fashion, and part of loving it is having all the guts to wear everything that will express all my feeling for it Well, It's not that because I love fashion, it's the reason why I started loving dresses. I just started to love wearing those and this black dress in this post is one of the many dresses that got my attention. Once I saw it  online, I knew I have to have one. and finally, after 10 days or more of waiting I finally have it! (did you guess it right? :) lol)
This is how I actually look like while taking outfit shots. lol! I love how the breeze of the air and the heat of the sun combined. Yeah! I love it just like that! and that's the reason why I posed like that. haha :D I know a dress like this, one of my favorite from my wardrobe should be wear to a special occasion, and I'm happy that I wore to a special day for our family, it's my sister's Graduation day! Yes! My sister finally graduated from college as an Engineering student! :) #proudsister
Don't you love the heart shape at the back of my little black dress? This is one of the main reason why I get this. It's one for a wardrobe staple. I love back details! :) peek-a-boo!
And of course, this photos would not be possible without this big boy. My younger brother, Angelo, who's patiently taking all my outfit shots whenever I want and needed to. Thanks kuya! :)

Dress, Sunnies, Lips bag: ROMWE , Flats: SOULMATE

Have a happy Thursday everyone! :)

xx, ella


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