Thursday, July 11, 2013


 I have so much titles in mind for this post, but since I'm basically using titles for my post based on my mood ang thoughts, I did it once again. It's amazing how time flies so fast that we didn't even notice we're half way through the year 2013, 1 month more and its the start of "ber months" once again. My favorite months! :) It just came to my realization few days back, I never really noticed it even though my mom and sister already celebrated their birthdays for this month (busy mind. lol)  I'm happy that I've done enough for the past half of the year 2013, and hopefully more for the remaining 6 months! :) Here's to hoping for more blessings and happiness for the year to come! :)
Okay, enough for the thoughts. Let's go with my outfit! ahhh! Goodness! My Favorite Romwe items in one outfit post! Still have Romwe pieces for an outfit post. Stay tuned!
I've said this twice here I guess, but I'll say it once more. Maximizing time is one of the things I'm really doing now. I don't wanna waste time, except when I'm feeling lazy. I know you get the point! haha :) I wore this yesterday when I ran an errand with my friend, and then straight to a place to have some picture for an outfit post (blogger duties). Yeah! I'm claiming it! lol :D and then went straight home after that. (ehem! good girl! ehem! :D )

I've been saving all my Romwe credits for this and finally I have it! :) Imagine the happiness I felt when this  new pair of shoesies arrived two weeks ago at our doorstep. aahhhh! happy happy me :) I just felt a little uncomfy the first time I wore this. Those eyes that were set to kill you by staring at your shoes. I know you get the point! It just worsen the fact that it's really my shoes who will kill them. lol But nevertheless, I'm happy 'coz it's my newest baby's debut post here in my blog. Hope you like it! Sorry or the rants! :) 
 Shirt, Sunnies and Rivets shoes : Romwe , Single Wing ring: Shop O' Jewels
Photos by Patxx
Visit his blog HERE 

Hope you had a happy and productive Thursday everyone! :)



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    1. already emailed you :) thanks for visiting my blog! <3

  2. very nice t-shirt :)
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  3. I like your shoes!