Thursday, June 6, 2013

NEW IN: Lovely Pieces

All tops from ROMWE, Lip bag from ROMWE, Sunnies from CHOIES

All items from romwe and choies, well almost all from romwe,( I'm a romwe girl!) lol for that :D
But honestly, I really want to be a romwe girl,  ROMWE used to be my first love international online shop.
I love their pieces so much! Don't you? They have pieces in different designs for different kind of moods you want your outfit to be. That's the main reason I love about them, I can get pieces base on my mood. Plus the designs really suites my taste in dressing. So, having to receive those items weeks in a row, expect outfit post of me wearing those items in the next few days. Watch out for it, ayt? :)

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xo, ella

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