Saturday, June 22, 2013


Floral Top, Round UV sunnies, Spike necklace: ROMWE

Time flies so fast that we didn't even notice what else we did or did not. I'm not into making things happen if  it's not destined to happen. I don't want to rush things, for it will only give me nothing but trouble or emotional tress for worse. I also don't feel like thinking problems, the heck? am I born to live to think all those problems? Hell NO! As the saying implies "Wag mong problemahin ang mga problema, hayaan mong sila ang mamroblema sayo".  Just let God do his plans, and everything will fall in the right place at the right time. 

In the past few days, I've been hooked up to this song that really gives me time to think things through, really fits to what I'm feeling in the past few days, just go with the flow, not thinking of the things that I know will not happen to me, forgetting the past and just Livr in the Moment. It's the song of Jason Mraz, Living in the Moment. (Jason Mraz fan girl here! :)) ) His songs really always catch my heart and my kinda music. It's just harmonizing! aahhh! :)

So I just let go of what I know I don't knowAnd I know I only do this byLiving in the momentLiving my lifeEasy and breezyWith peace in my mindI got peace in my heartGot peace in my soulWherever I'm going, I'm already homeI'm living in the moment

Sing with me! lol! that's my favorite part of the song. Btw, I wanna share with you what I've been up to earlier with my friends after my class. Who doesn't want to spend good times with your lovies right? Well, I just did! :)

1. Chillin with my loves! what a great time to cap off our 1st week start of sem. 2. with the awesome girls ever! 3.Now that's CARBonara cooked by @patxx09 #nomnom 4.After a lunch of pasta, a milk tea for everyone, again by @patxx09 he's such a good cook! 5.#selfie 6.with my labs! Hi Anne!

The song title just matches to what I'm feeling right now. 
What song matched what you're feeling right at this moment? 
Leave a comment and share it to me! :)

Have a happy weekend everyone!
Don't let bad thoughts ruin your day! Stay happy! Live Life! :)



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    1. aww. thanks dear! what's your blog url? share it to me and i'll visit it! thanks! :)

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