Saturday, June 15, 2013


I'm a sucker of loose shirts. Anything that is bigger for my size. I love pairing it with shorts, anything that goes with it. It feels so perfectly comfy for me, specially when I'm in those days of feeling so lazy to think on what to wear, that's the only good solution that comes into my great mind. lol! 
So having this shirt from mon amour, which I totally steal from him, jk! He gave it to me, because of the fct that when he wears it, he looks like a girl. lol (such a bad girlfriend making fun of his guy) I just really wanna state the fact that he gave it to me :) (sweet mon amour) And I'm a sucker of that shirt now, it's my new favorite now. Well, comes with the sweet fact that it's from him, I ain't complainin' ! I'm just loving it! :)
Another outfit post. Sorry for the selfie :) Thanks for the self timer. I really don't have any company who can take pictures of my outfit, that's why you know, ends up using a self timer (poor girl) :(

shirt from mon amour, sunnies: CHOIES, spike necklace: ROMWE

Hope you like it and feel like hitting the HYPE button!
thanks! :)

Happy weekend everyone!

xo, ella

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