Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Excuse the title, that's the only thing that came into my mind when I'm preparing the draft of this post. haha  but don't you agree? White is Hot right? ... right?!! :)) Okay! This is my second outfit at 88, still don't have enough confidence to post in a two piece or anything. maybe next time, I can show off more skin. lol :D I don't think you'll like it! haha :D anyhoo, I just really wanted to share what I wore and that White is really hot! hehe :)) my thoughts are winding up and I can't think enough of good thoughts now, plus I'm posting this late , I'm really sorry :)

Let us all spend the last few weeks of vacation/staycation in a super happy way!
don't waste time 'coz you might regret it! :)
stay happy always!  <3

xo, ella

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