Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Welcome to 88 Korea spa and resort! lol :D here's the post I'm excited to share. My late summer get away with my siblings and cousins. Yeah! consider it late because it's already May and rainy season is fast approaching. Cold weather again, yay? or nay? Anyhoo, even though this serves as our late and last summer get away before we announce that summer is really over, I'd like to say that I really had a Great late summer get away :)

 Isn't the view so relaxing? ugh! I just want to spend my whole day staring at this view, relaxing the whole time and not thinking of any problems, but of course I don't wanna get burned and still want to enjoy the hot spring pools and swim. 
First stop, like a building, we should first roam around the first floor after paying at the lobby. This is the way to the big 88 hot spring pool, feet dipping pool and to the lagoon (which is my favorite place at the resort) hehe :) I can't help but take picture while I'm walking in this beautiful pathway. ugh! can I go back here now? :(
 The big 88 hot spring pool, this pool is 24-30 degrees, as far as my mind can remember. I don't know how I was able to stay for about 30 mins under that mushroom shade, but it was relaxing indeed :)
The Fengshui Energy Pool, about 37 to 43 degrees, I didn't try this one 'coz I can't stand the heat :(
 The lagoon! See that beautiful view? Isn't it soo breath taking? I really don't wanna leave this place! :)
with my younger brother, Angelo :) at the side of the lagoon.
at the right side part near the lagoon. this is the only pool that has cold water, but unfortunately we're not able to swim 'coz  it's dirty. Nevermind those people in the picture, I don't know if they are aware of the dirt in it. haha :D my bad!
 up to the second part is where the men and women's locker room, restaurant, and 3 hot spring pools are located.
 this pool is where we spent almost all of our hour swimming and diving in, almost 24 degrees. not too hot compared to the other pools, keribels lang hehe:)
 with my sister, Ochelle :)
the other thing I love at 88 is their super oh so clear water. Imagine you were standing in a pool 4ft deep and you stand 5'4 and you can still clearly see your feet on the floor tile of the pool. That's how clean and clear the water at 88 :)
after swimming, it's time for lunch! :) We ate korean and local cuisine. (1st photo) The korean cuisine is like a pork stew, I can't remember the korean name but that's just it! :p , the other main dish is sizzling beef, it's local cuisine, and the korean side dishes :) (2nd photo) how my table looks like, love the arrangement, and my mixed korean side dishes and local cuisine. (3rd photo) after eating, went to the lagoon again, we can't resist it, thn take some pictures and relax for a while :)
at the last part of the resort, the 3rd part/floor, is where the feet dipping pools are located, the temperature ranges from 43-45 degrees. I love all their art masterpiece located everywhere at the resort.
 and last but definitely not the least! lol :D spotted this cutie patootie dog before going home, she's hannah! too cute not to take a picture! :)
Goodbye, Locker #41 and to the other four lockers. Selca before going hoome at the locker room. Last shot of the beautiful view because I know, it will take a long time before I see you again :)

If you're wondering how much is the accommodation at 88.
500 per head, free of locker and usage of cottages.
they have nipa huts and small villas that ranges from 2000 and up.
the food, korean cuisines ranges from 360 to 1500 php.
local cuisines, 300 to 1000.
it's a bit price-y but it's all worth it :)

If you want more information you can visit their website at www.88resort.com

really enjoyed my late summer get away! relieved from stress and hassles! :)
Happy Tuesday everyone! 


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