Saturday, May 25, 2013

Transform Yourself with Shick

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"If you had the powers of MAN OF STEEL for one week, how would you use it?"

Power, one special thing a human being wants to posses. For other, it means nothing but for a few it means a lot. We might thought of many different meanings when it comes to the word "power", but one thing I'm sure of it, an individual who wants a power over something or somebody has an intention. It may be good or bad, we never know. 

I do not believe in superficial powers nor super heroes but when it comes to watching it, seeing them save lives of many people even if it's just in movies, it really moves me. I really adore people who has a heart to everyone. Specially those who use their ability or special powers in doing good things. 

I remember when I was a child, the first super hero that I know was Superman. Everybody says he's really a great super hero. I honestly almost believe he is true, that he is here on earth and thinking that maybe someday he will be the one who will save me when I'm in danger, how great is that right? But all of that was just my wonder thoughts, He's just in movies. But what if one day, I wake up and I already had the powers of superman MAN OF STEEL, what am I going to do?

I actually don't know,the first answer I had in mind once I read the question. But why do I have to think when I had the power of the great super hero of all time, right? Should I refuse to have it? NO! I should take it and use it to save all those people who need my help. That's really what I want, even in my own way, even if not having powers I really want to help people who's in need. And having the powers of MAN OF STEEL, who am I to refuse it?. Not only I can make all things through my power, but I can do all things to help people in all ways I can.

Time flies so fast that we're not aware of what's happening on our environment, and as long as I have all the time to see and feel all the good and bad things that's happening here, I also want to do all things in ways I can to help other people. 

I'm happy enough to believe that I have my own Man of Steel, aside from my father, it's my mon amour who always protects me in all ways he can :)

If you have to answer the same question, what will you do? :)
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xo, ella

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