Sunday, May 19, 2013

#teeculTure #teegram

If you already followed my instagram account, I guess you've already seen this photo and what this is all about. But for those who still don't have any idea what this is all about, this is my entry on the teegram contest of SM Youth, where you'll have to showcase your own tee culTure shirt in your own way and style. tee culTure shirts are available in all SM department store in Boy's teen wear section. Yes, Boy's section! haha :D and if you're wondering how in the world I got this shirt is it's my A's. It's my gift to him, and I just borrowed it for the sake of the contest. haha :D 

So, to all fashionistas out there, it's open for girls also, grab or borrow a tee culTure shirt and showcase on how you'll style your own tee culTure shirt and submit it on SM youth's #teegram app :)

Happy Sunday! 
Thanks for all those who joined and will be joining my giveaway! You guys are amazing! <3

xo, ella

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