Monday, May 13, 2013


We all know that when the month of May comes, it's already the start of rainy seasons, and I guess its a Yay! for us due  to the extreme heat we felt in the April month. Since, Me, my siblings and cousins didn't get to go out for a swim last April month, we're still lucky enough to indulge into this paradise that I'm going to share with you guys on my next post. Let me first share my summer outfit :) 
I still can't believe I leave this beautiful place yesterday :( I still wanna stay but we already need to go home. Being in a place like paradise, was so relaxing, physically, mentally and emotionally. lol :D more beautiful pictures soon! :)
 One of the things I like doing whenever I go to diff places, is to take feet shots like this. haha I don't know but I always did this. Maybe because I want something to remind me that my feet have already been in that place even though I had a lot of pictures taken in this place :) You? what's your mannerism whenever you go in different places? share it to me! :)
Top: Body Central, Sunnies: ROMWE

Tune in to my next post, I'm sure you'll love what I'll be sharing next! :)
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Happy rainy Monday everyone! <3

xo, ella

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