Friday, May 17, 2013

ROMWE: FIGURE 9 means $9.99

$9.99 for any piece!! 300+ wishlist styles
Available now! Limited supply. No restocking once sold out! 
GO>> $9.99 sale!

Romwe loves the Figure 9, because it means permanence. Permanent Friendship, permanent love, and permanent happiness! :) That's why they launched a lucky $9.99 catalogue including shirts, cases, collars, accessories, etc. that will last for a long long time. amazing right? So why not shop now at ROMWE and enjoy their amazing items in very affordable price :)

"9 means the number of God, independence is also attached to this number for it excludes all things that are different. This number is also use when marking the beginning of new things. "

Happy Shopping! :)

xo, ella

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