Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Dream Summer Trip with Native Shoes

Since summer is really not over for me, because I'm still feeling the scorching heat of the sun. I want to take this time to post about my super ever dream summer trip. We all have that dream summer trip where all you have to do is enjoy the beach, the heat of the sun on your skin, getting tan lines, swimming, partying at night and many many more. Well, there's this one paradise I want to spend my first ever dream summer trip with my family and friends, it is Boracay! :) Yes, I haven't been to Boracay (poor me) :( that's why that's the destination of my Dream Summer Trip.

I heard a lot of good reactions based on what they've experience in Boracay, and I can't be any envious on how happy they felt when they went to boracay. Of course, I want to experience it myself. With the beautiful place like paradise, who doesn't want to visit Boracay, right?

 What a beautiful place, a paradise where I can spend my beautiful dream summer trip. This is my kinda place! :)
 My dream summer trip includes all the fun I want to experience in Boracay, swimming, all the adventure rides that's read to surprise me, the parties at night, the good sunset scenery, different people to meet, souvenir shops, and wearing my best swim suit and summer outfits baby! :) All that and more I want to experience in Boracay! :)

Scenes like this makes me wanna go visit and stay in Boracay. I love seeing scenes like this while relaxing by the beach with the ones you love. Just relaxing and not thinking anything. So peaceful to the eye (awww. i'm melting) :)))

Few photos are enough to show how I really want to spend my dream summer trip in Boracay, and hopefully sooon I will be able to experience it. Still keeping my fingers crossed! :) Keep your fingers crossed with me too my dears! lol :)

But wait! there's more! :) I know there is no other way than spending your dream summer trip with your favorite shoes on. It's one of the best way that will help you enjoy you summer trip. With Native Shoes, I'm pretty sure you'll love walking your summer trip with fun-filled moments! :) 

Start of your summer trip wearing this chic Native Shoes on, your travel will be comfortable enough with this Native Shoes kicks. Found this on their Facebook Page summer 2012 collection. So summer lovin', specially the color! :)

Next, when at the beach, nothing will keep you comfy and happy but wearing this playful slippers also from Native Shoes (summer 2012 collection) I chose bright colors because that's what summer is all about! :) They are my favorites so far and I can wait to have a pair of them soon. :)

Here's a good news for all of us who love Native Shoes, and who will be soon loving them. They have a giveaway for all! Native Shoes is giving away 2.500 worth of GCs to 20 lucky winners! How generous they are right? A chance to have our own pair of Native Shoes! :) Visit the link for full nechanics! :)


Boracay photos are all from google images and Native Shoes Photos all from their facebook page

What's your Dream summer trip? Bet we're the same? :)

xo, ella

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