Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Shopping, is always one for the "girl's to do list" , will never be forgotten, will shop till they drop and one thing that really make us happy. I grew up believing that fashion runs in my blood, and as I grew up, I learn to love different colors and prints which I really adore more as time passes by. Having different styles of clothes in my wardrobe is a big Yes for me, and in order to satisfy all that love for fashion, I must shop till I drop and  just feel happy. Luckily for me, I already found the ultimate store that I've first knew since I was a kid, The SM store. It's the store where my mom used to bring me since I was a kid, up until now, I, myself always go there whenever I want to shop. They really got it all for you! :) 

As a fashion blogger, whenever I will post my #outfitoftheday or outfit shots, I always make sure that I have something new to show, and having a shop at The SM store always satisfy me. From their clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. I'm sure you'll love it! and Me, as a living human being, proves that SM store got all what I want and need. Plus, you'll never get tired of shopping at the SM store because of the happy staffs/sales ladies and men that will assist you whenever you need something regarding the item you want to buy, their staffs really show how hospitable Filipinos are :)

Since we're talking about how The SM Store really got all what we need in terms of shopping, let me share my greatest finds at The SM Store months ago, I really love buying clothes there. First op, my outfit photo.
I'm wearing my Nuffnang gold sequined top and Betty blue pants from Girls's teen wear section.
One of the main reasons I love to shop at The SM Store, they really got all the clothes in different styles that will set your mood from chic, girly girl, a little bit edgy and many more depends on the mood.

I love how my heart for fashion really sings out my mood from buying clothes that I like. And having different sections at The SM Store, I have all the freedom to choose from all of it. Mix and match, select, buy then voila! You already have new sets of clothes to wear for different occasions.

Those are the great items I bought from The SM Store, all from Girl's Teen section. See how I love clothes in different styles, specially in prints and neutral colors. 

Shoe Lover alert! :) I love buying shoes, I swear! I even push myself to save just to buy myself a new pair. If given the chance, I would like to buy every month but my savings doesn't permit me to. Specially that I have all the access to all SM stores near our place, that's why it's very tempting everytime I visit The SM Store and found out that they have new designs all set in the Girl's shoe section. I'm really a shoe lover! :)

Shoes are all from The SM Store, SM shoes.

I guess few pictures of my greatest finds at The SM Store are enough to show how I really love to shop at The SM Store. Since I was a kid, up until now, The SM Store is always first in my list of the best one stop shop store. From the lovely clothes, shoes, bags, accessories,etc, to their hospitable and cheerful sales ladies and men, to the beautiful atmosphere of The SM Store, I ain't complaining! I can stay all day long just roaming around and shopping till I drop inside The SM store! :) That's how I love The SM Store

That's it! My greatest finds at The SM Store :) Hope you like it! :)
Visit The SM Store facebook page http://facebook.com/TheSMStore

Photos are all from yours truly :)

Enjoy your day everyone!

xo, ella

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