Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I've been bugging myself this past  few days with what to shop at romwe.
I've done 3 transactions with them, but it's just now that I annoy myself too much!
haha its makes it hard to choose when all the items where you have to choose are all in for my taste. agree? :)
So, I will bother you all too, to check and comment what shorts are yay or nay for you! 
I need your help! 'coz I can't decide for myself!

what suites your tastes girlies? :)
comment it down to show me some support on what to buy!
you're help really means a lot! <3

If you want to shop for your own shorts, visit www.romwe.com !
it's in the shorts section! :) 

 Happy Tuesday shopping girls! :)

xo, ella

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