Thursday, April 4, 2013


Looking at this picture makes me really sad. 
I may be OA but that's what I really felt when I saw this picture from my cousin.
This was our so called "island" in front of our house in Davao City when I was 3 yr old years.
That Island was so beautiful back then where I used to run back and fort with my sister.
Where I used to sit and look up at the stars st night with my family.
I remember it all when I saw this picture once again. I guess that'll never change.
After several years of not seeing this island, all my childhood memories  in this place will be kept forever.

It may look like Okay, but 'twas more beautiful back then.
I wish I can go back there and visit this place. I really miss Davao and my lola and tita there :(

Here's to hoping that someday I can visit this place again! :)
Promise to take an outfit shot when I get there. lol!

"The best part about pictures is that even when the people or the place in the photo changed, the memory it contains never will"

Happy Thursday everyone! :)

xo, ella

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