Monday, March 25, 2013


When I'm alone, I used to think of places I want to visit before I age 30 and above I want to visit many places, and as much as I want, I want to start travelling now
but I just can't 'coz I'm still a student. maybe someday :)
Right now, I'll just share with you guys some of the places I want to visit soon!

Of course, as much as I want to visit far far away places, I want to visit first places which is quite near our country.
 Hong Kong Disney land! I want to be kiddo again! lalala :)
 uh oh! talking 'bout temples and buddaaa! here comes Thailand! 
 a country where shopping is very convenient and fun. Singapore! :)
plus! a place where I can be near Lion and take a picture with it. lol
where cherry blossoms are! a place where my man will ask me to marry him. lol
so Japan-nice! ^^

lezz go faaaaaaar away baby! :)

the place where I wanna live and study! ---- Paris! :)
I will always want to visit and see the beauty of Paris! ok. not just visit but live and never get back to Ph! :D
New Yooooooork! concrete jungle where dreams are made of! lalalalala
forgive me! lol! Next to my love Paris, is New York City! New York Time Square!
 Italy, Rome
I wanna see our Pope someday :)
Italy, Venice
I always see this place as romantic as I see it in movies. aww :"> (cheeseball me alert)
 Not to forget, the beauty of Santorini in Greece! 

Those are just some of the place I want to visit someday, and I hope I will.  I know I can! weehoo! (insert positive vibes here). Not just those listed above but all the other beautiful places in this world. 

(photos above are not mine)

what's your To Go Travel Bucket List?
share it with me in the comment box! :)

Have a Happy Monday everyone!