Sunday, March 17, 2013

ROMWE: New Pick

When the time I knew how to dress up in a fashionable way, that was also the time that I used to love shopping for clothes. Especially when time passes by and I get older and older and get familiarized with lot of stuffs regarding my daily sartorial, I'm loving it more and even give advises to my friends on what to buy for these and those occasions. (seems like I'm talking like i'm a full grown up lady) I'm still in my teen years (soon to leave :( ) but I will still love to shop for my clothes even if I get old. Fashion will run in my blood always and forever, upto my children and to my children's children. teehee! :) ok.ok. I'll stop story telling.

 I just want to share with you guys that my first ever loved international online shop is :) I got to purchased a sunnies from them and swear I really loved it. And now, I got the chance to shop again (thanks for the freebies) yay! :) Since my freebies is very limited, I don't get to choose what I really want. I only got $26 in my account, and the blouse I want costs $26.99 :( really close to $26. aw! maybe that blouse was not really for me, still no regrets 'coz I got to purchase this cute black floral chiffon blouse. And in 5-15 days it will be in my closet. hihi :) cute right? hope you'll agree with my pick! Florals for summer! :) 

Shop at and look for what ou can wear this summer! :) Enjoy surfing at romwe!

Happy Sunday everyone!
xo, ella

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