Friday, March 22, 2013


 Top and Skirt: from Davao,  Shoes: (old) Melissa,  Necklace: Shop O' Jewels

I know it's kinda too late and advance at the same time. Too late for making this outfit post on what is my take on defense outfit for college students. Excuse the floral print skirt, I just really have to wear it for the summer vibe that I'm feeling since Mr.Sun started bombarding us with this kind of heat we're feeling. And too advance maybe for trying to pull this off as a office attire too. Did I pull it off? (say yes!) lol kidding aside, this is my own take on defense attire for college students, jut take or wear an outfit that you'll be comfortable with once you'll be having a defense, who doesn't want to be irritated while the defense in on going right? :) Ok. that's all! I just really want to share something.

PS: sorry for the background of the photo. hihi :)

Photos by: Angelo Mijares

Have a great day ahead of you! :)
xo, ella

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