Tuesday, March 19, 2013


 Talking 'bout last day sometimes bring bad memory, because some may end in just a short span of time that you wish it won't. But there are some last day that just need to end but leaves you happy memories. Like what I've experienced yesterday, the last day of our shooting for our movie, a requirement for our finals in one f our subj, it was really a fun last day, we were able to pull off what we really want to happen in the movie in just 1 week of shooting. I'm really happy with the bond that was build in our group, also being the make up and wardrobe team, 'twas quite tiring but happy, I love styling my classmates, will share you the video and some pictures of the girls I styled soon. For the mean time, I will share with you what I wore yesterday.

Top: Garage sale, Pants: Jag JEANS, Green Loafers: Parisian Shoes and Bags, Charm Bracelet: Gift from Nelie

Ok. I'm running late! :( have to go to school then off to have some quality time with superman :)

Have a happy tuesday!
xo, ella