Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's Not Too Late

Last year, mid of November (as far as my mind is concern) was the month where Peplum skirt, top, and dress was 'in'. That was the time that I never had the chance to buy and take my own style of peplum dresses.When I was in the stage of growing up, I'm not used to wear skirt and dresses. I'm just a short/pants-tee combo always. But I guess time really flies so fast that style has really evolve t something new and different in a good way.I guess it's not really too late for me to wear something I'm not use to wear back then, like skirt. I know now is the time that I should wear and try different thingsin terms of outfit styles. Maybe peplum is not 'in' this year but I think it's not too late to try one and take a spin of it in my style.

Sorry for the derp face, haha (awkward) my photographer is so nagmamadali when taking this outfit shot.
I so love this baroque top I got from my tita in Davao. I'm bugging myself to have one with baroque print, in a dress specifically. But having this top surpass my longing for baroque prints. Happy me again! :)

 Necklace: DIY, Baroque Top: Davao 
Peplum Skirt: Combination by my Mom (yes, she made the skirt for me :) ), Shoes: Natasha
 Meet my sister, Ochelle. :) I styled her outfit here. tehee!

Hope you like my take on skirt! Will try more soon! My first again for 2013! 
Happy Sunday everyone! :)

xo, ella

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  1. nice shoes :)