Thursday, February 28, 2013


Maybe you've been wondering why I'm wearing two different outfit in some of my photos posted in my last two posts (blue hue and enchanted kingdom). It's because I really brought an extra for an outfit! ok. I kidd! haha No, I was wearing the 'blue hue' thing first, I just changed into my 'starry night' outfit after we tried the 'Rio Grande' ride in enchanted kingdom, where you'll really need to accept the fact that you'll  get wet. Splash of water all around the stream, it's like you're riding in a boat and it's not sailing good. You better try it. lol!

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I received this leggings weeks ago when I did a New Year Promotion for ROMWE. Yes, my ever dream leggings! I finally own one :) I was so happy when this was delivered in our house because I was thinking maybe it'll not be delivered in our house. Paranoid me attacks when things didn't happen in time that I am expecting it. But finally it's here, and finally got the time to show it.*wink*
 Tshirt: from New York, Leggings: ROMWE, Shoes: KICKS ( SM dep't store)

Photos by: Nelie Anne (my date :"> )

Finally got time to rest. No school tomar!
Happy Last day of February! :)

xo, ella

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  1. nice leggings :) anyways, new post up on my blog, hope you'll take a visit. tehe. thank you! :)