Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Here are some photos that would tell some story on how my January went so well. Good thing our lappy has its charger already, now I will be able to update my blog again anytime I want. It really did give me a hard time lately. Anywei, haha let me start this photo diary update 'coz i feel a lil bit sleepy now. yeah! 'coz I woke up early for my 7:30am class. boohoo! -_- I need more sleep! :) ok. enough for the drama of not-getting-enough-time-to-sleep thing. I'm pretty sure you feel the same way too, right? :)

 1. Got my manicure and pedicure first week of January. I guess I'm too early for heart month that I got my nails done in red nail polish. teehee :) / red shirt also for some lovin', while watching AJ's basketball game. yeah! I'm such a supportive girlfriend. :) 
2. Slice N' Dice-in with AJ. We loved their T-bone steak and their Salisbury steak! Its our favorite now, better try it on the nearest branch near you! :) #endorserangPeg
 3. Photo op with my cousin and sister as the photographer.
 4. Sunrise view from our jogging place.
5. View from our dance practice place. I'm loving nature view so much!
6. Meet Yumi! Dog of AJ's brother. Half chow-chow. such a cutie patootie! And the macho boy on the half pic? haha :">
7. another photo op, thanks ate! :) #blackandwhite #stripes #shopojewelsnecklace
8. Bought myself a new pair of shoes. I desereved it! besides I bought it from my own savings. #ParisianComfy #green #loafers #flats #comfy #loveit
9. Last, but not the least! Received my ROMWE leggings a few days ago. Yay! I really love it. Thanks ROMWE for this, hope this won't be the last! :)

That's it! I did make sure that I won't be posting many photos so that I won't bombard you with non-sense things. I just put what's important for me, important for me to share with you guys. mehehe! Thanks for reading! More exciting moments soon! :)

Happy Tuesday Everyone! :)
love, ella


  1. love the pics! BTW, how did you get your package from Romwe? did you have to go to the post office or something?

    1. so glad that i didn't. hehe it was delivered on our house :)