Thursday, February 28, 2013


To the teaser picture I gave in my last post. Here it is. Ok, I know I need to wake up early but I don't want to let this wait for another time when I will be free. I will just post it now, so good so right, I'm in the mood to tell stories, I will just have to say sorry now because this will be a very long (ok. not very, but long for sure) lol. so, let me begin. keep calm and read :)

I've been living in Laguna 15years up until now, I know a lot of different beautiful places to go where you can find happiness and a place where you can have a peace of mind. I swear knew of those places, including this one. The Enchanted Kingdom, I don't know but even if you're not residing here in Laguna I bet few of you know about this amusement park. Yes, you read it right, it's an amusement park where you can be as happy as a little kiddo goofing all around of this place. This is my first, my first to went on Enchanted Kingdom, yes, even if I'm here in Laguna for 15 long years (poor me!) lol. Let me share you my fun experience here.

Look how hot the weather is! That's why  I somehow regret wearing my blue sweatshirt when I arrived here. I thought it will be just a not-so-sunny-day instead a windy-cool-kind of day. But I was wrong, (who told me to wear sweatshirts in this kind of weather? lol!)
 Say Hi to my best buddy! You better treat me nice or else! lol!
Welcome to the Grand Central! My favorite place inside the EK! I just love how they made me feel like I was in another country. Just look at the pictures, and maybe you'll feel the same way too. haha

still in the chinese new year spirit! :)
 The ride that took my heart out. I maybe OA, bt that's what I felt. haha :D you better try this Anchors Away!
 This place is for kids like me! lol! This is where the light rides are!
  Flying Fiesta! Fun riding here. Just sit and get dizzy! tehee!
bump!bump! baby bump! Bumped Car! My favorite! :)
 Mini roller coaster ride. It's just so fast that it will not take you 5 minutes sitting down there.
Want to experience a moment where you will fell you'll gonna die? Ride EXTREME! haha even if I didin't ride in this. That's what I felt when I saw those people's weird-funny-quirky-unexplainable face expressions. 150ft! Imagine? It will lift you up slowly and then will drop you in just a snap! hoo!
 Space Shuttle! I won't explain anymore! (kitang-kita naman) So scared that's why I just took a picture of it. I didn't try this ride. haha :p 
 Wheel of Fate! So sad, I together with my date wasn't able to try this ride coz of the very looooong line! :(
 It's time to goof around. haha I wasn't really the one who'll be in this photo. I just appeared out of nowhere.
 Say Hi to my date for the whole day in EK. Nelie Anne! :) AJ wasn't able to come because of work, but I enjoyed Nelay's company :)
There's still a lot of picture, but I guess it will bore you :| That's why I'll just end it, I guess it's enough. Try to visit and experience the fun in Enchanted Kingdom. You'll never regret it! :) (endorsr lang ang peg) lol!

I had a fun weekend! How 'bout you guys?
Happy Thurdsday! :)


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