Sunday, February 24, 2013


Finally! An outfit post! It's been a while since my last outfit post and obviously I rarely got the chance and time to post 'outfit post' here. Well, finally here's a new for you! (happy me :) ) I already said to the nth time how hard it is for me to post outfit post, and I won't make that drama again. lol 'coz I'm happy now and I don't want to make my self feel sad about it. 'coz it really makes me sad and stressed. lol! ok.ok. enough for that! 
Don't you lve my sweat shirt? Oh well, I do! I really do love it! I asked my sister a few weeks ago when she's in Baguio to try look for a cardi or sweat shirt for me. I didn't tell her what color to look for, and luckily and surprisingly she picked my fave color! Blue! yes! (happy me :) ) I got few compliments about my sweat shirt and I'm happy that they found it nice. Someone just wanted to 'arbor' it. haha :D

Sweat Shirt: Baguio, Shoes: KICKS (SM dep't store) Sunnies: ROMWE
Spike bracelet: from Nelie, Yellow green bracelet: DIY

I love how the sun shines so bright here, but I don't love how the heat of this beautiful sun shine irritates me to the nth level. I swear! I regret wearing an inner wear in my sweat shirt when I arrived here with this kind of weather. Take note, before this day, 'twas raining the whole day and I wasn't expecting that it'll be a good day the next day, but I was wrong, it was very hot indeed!  haha :D ok. I think no harm done! hindi naman ako naging nog nog lol!
 Here's a sneak peek of what my next post is about. I guess you can already guess based on the views of my outfit post. hmm? but still, I will share my another first. So watch out for it! :)

Photos of me by: Nelie Anne

Happy Sunday everyone! :)
much love, ella

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  1. like the sunnies! nice pictures! anyways, new post on my blog dear, will be very happy if you'll visit my newest post and hype my new look, thankies! :))