Monday, January 14, 2013


Running out of time is really a no good for me, especially when I'm dealing with blog posts, last december when I receive this top I am featuring here now, I already decided to do a series on how am I going to wear it as a top because I really fell in love with it,but because time didn't allow me to do it, which I totally hate. It is just now that I'll be able to do this series. This is the time! Yay! :)

First Way : of wearing this top is to wear it as a COVER TOP or much as like a "Blazer". I didn't close the buttons, fold the sleeves in 3/4s to achieve the blazer-look-alike and wear it with a sleeveless top inside. Easy right? I love how I can use a single top in 2 or more ways. I hope I pulled it off in my photos. hihi :)

Second Way: Wear it as it is. I pulled the 3/4s fold and closed all the buttons then tuck the other half of the top inside my pants, this is for some kind of formal yet chick look. If you're not used in wearing cover/blazer.

Top: Plains and Prints, Shoes: Natasha, jeans: JAG jeans, Necklace: Bangles of joy

Photos by: Ochelle Mijares
Such a good photographer! yiee! Thank You ate! :)

Happy Monday girls! :)
love, ella

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