Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Since 2012 is finally over, I want to look back and remember how my 2012 was and how it greatly affect me as a person. I can say that 2012 has been a good year for me, good enough that I experienced new things, first thing, as a blogger; I experienced attending to events and meet two of the top fashion bloggers that inspire me to pursue this. I became a winner of Liz Uy’s 12 picks of Christmas, I was able to host my 1st giveaway, thanks to everyone who joined, you girls made it successful, thank you! As a child of God, I may not able to attend a mass every Sunday but I was making sure I thank him every time before going to sleep, and as I attended the “simbang gabi” last Christmas season which I was not able to complete I learned a lot in the  masses I attended, love God, love people, pray a lot, be enthusiastic, be confident, be patient,  don’t stop learning. It really moved me, I realized many things that affect the person I was before and the person I am now. As a girlfriend, I’m just happy that we didn't had a big problem this year, that we’re able to finish this year with just being together and just being happy with each other’s company and loving each other more (cheesebomb) haha. And now, we’re starting a new year together, way to our 3rd year as a couple. Yippee! As a sister, well nothing knew, I just need to be more patient with my super kulet-nakakabwisit-pero-nakakatuwang brother haha. And it sums up with all the “as” that I was during this year, I learned to take things slowly and be patient, things will happen in time when God knows we deserve it, just go with the flow and let things just fall in the right place. Let God put you in the situation where you are intended to be and let him be the center of your every thing. God makes a good plan for us, just trust HIM. 

 Angelo finally graduated from being an elementary kid, but still, he's still our baby :) btw, he's with the best mom in the world! :)

First time that the two of my favorite bloggers noticed me :)

Felt INFINITE 'coz of this movie :)

 met Fabio Ide at BSA mansion hotel in Makati when we stayed there for 6days :">

web cam bonding with my cousins and siblings at BSA mansion hotel in makati :) miss them :(

sooooo lucky to have this great friends of mine!
The birthday girl with her brother, angelo :) 19 years of being sexy! lol

Got this Favorite novel of mine by Nicholas Sparks as a birthday gift #happyme

attended Vern and Verniece's Pinkbox meet&greet at SM southmall :)

 Finally! Hosted my first ever giveaway! :) Thanks SHOP O' JEWELS and for everyone who joined! :)

 Coach wrist-let and Nine West flats. early Christmas gifts from Ate May! <3

 Always a thursdate with my man :"> 28 months of being together :)

 That RED hair of mine! :D

 Bought my Blue Suede Pumps as a Christmas gift for my self :)

 Gotta love Sunsets! <3

Last dinner date with my man, at Slice n' Dice, they have the best T-bone steak :) 

All of that pictures was the highlight of my 2012, part of that will always remain as a good memory. Here's to hoping for another joyful year, another full of blessings and peacefulness. Hoping that everyone will be happy together with their loved ones. Let's all be thankful for every thing that we received and will be receiving this year.


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