Friday, December 7, 2012


This is a review about the new items of SHOP O' JEWELS. I guess, you girls already know that they are the one who made my dream/goal come true this year: to host a giveaway and I finally did because of them :') This is just my way of thanking them for how grateful I am with the tie up. anyhoo! before I get dramatic here, Let me show you some of the items they have in their new batches of collection :)

 These are some of my picks from their new batches of rings! cute right? My favorite is the lipstick ring! yay! :) they all ranges from 70-90php.

 Bangles for a glamorous look ladies! :) top picks! the GOLD one! oohlala! :) ranges from 100-200php.

and of course, my favorite of all accessory, Necklaces! my heart just dropped when I saw their new batches of necklace! :)) I want 'em all now! please! lol so lovely right? #christmasgift ehem! :D

That's it for now lovely girls! :)
What are your top picks? Share it with me! :)
Visit SHOP O' JEWELS page :)
Thank you! 

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